HCG Injections: Your Tools to Successful Weight Loss

photo_of_medical_syringes_on_glossy_background.jpgAre you feeling frustrated after exerting so much effort to exercise and sweating off and still you don’t lose any of those flabs or fats in your body? If so, then you may be lacking in something. You must have some effective tools in your arsenal if you want to effectively lose weight and become healthier, and sexier, in fact. We shall discuss these tools in a moment, but first let us look at what people usually do when it comes to exercising and losing weight.

Exercising is not a problem, nor is it bad. In fact, it is very effective at losing fat and putting more lean muscle into your body. If you find yourself still gaining weight while you’ve lost those flabs, then the thing is, you have put on muscle mass instead of fat. Exercise forces the body to raise its calorie requirement, and while you exercise, it is actively seeking sources of calories and burn them for energy. That is why you sweat when exercising: the body is sweating off toxins while at the same time burning calories so you can have energy to sustain you throughout your exercise.

The problem with this, however, is that people give a lot of attention to their exercises but not to the food that they eat. It’s easy to exercise and burn calories, but it’s hard not to put them back on. If you don’t watch what you are eating, then you are certainly going to put those fats and flabs back on because you’re eating more than you are exercising.

There is also the case of people not having enough time to exercise, and they eat a lot of calories. How could they lose weight then? What other tools to successful loss do they have that could help them shed off excess fats? These tools would include the now-popular HCG injections that certain individuals have already subscribed to and enjoyed success from. These injections are part of a broader dieting program called the HCG Diet, which aims to lose weight effectively without exercising.

Under the HCG diet, a person is supposed to eat a daily calorie intake of only 500 pounds. While you may this to be very low for a daily calorie intake, you’d have to first understand what the centerpiece of the diet is and that is the HCG injection. This is a formula that is based on the human chorionic gonadotrophic hormone, the hormone that causes a pregnant woman’s body to automatically turn on stored fat to provide for the fetus’ needs. So, no matter how much a woman eats during pregnancy, her body fats will provide the needed nourishment for the fetus.

These weight loss injections are introduced into the body in order to stimulate that effect. With HCG in one’s bloodstream, the brain is led to trigger the body to release body fats and burn them as calories. That’s why dieters are told to eat only 500 calories a day: the remaining calorie requirement is to be taken from their own bodies and, if they eat more, it will upset the balance and cause them to put on fat since exercise is not a part of this program.